Alumni Volunteer

Stay involved at Mount de Sales Academy as an active alumnus volunteer!  You play a vital role in the success of our current students and future alums. There are many ways you can connect to the Academy and remain engaged in the environment which continues to produce outstanding graduates.

Alumni Socials

MDS has held alumni socials in Atlanta, Macon, Athens, and, New York City, and Washington, D.C.  We are always interested in bringing the Cavalier spirit to a new city.  Contact the alumni office to help bring MDS to your area.

Alumni-Student Events

Do you enjoy meeting MDS students?  Volunteer at new events such as Career Day or host a student to shadow you at work.  Help our students make alumni connections and learn what it means to be a Cavalier post-graduation.

Class Agents

Class agents are volunteers from each class who serve as a liaison between the Alumni Office and the class. The Class Agent Program helps classmates stay connected to MDS and to one another. Responsibilities include updating the class list on an annual basis, maintaining an accurate email list for the class, and updating the class regarding alumni activities and supplying the Alumni Office with class news for the de Sales Sheet.

  • Kate Long, 2014
  • Nic Laconico & Jane Smith, 2013
  • Logan Thomas, 2012
  • Elizabeth Gaughf Kozak, 2006
  • Stephanie Nelson, 2005
  • Meaghan Slonaker Rogers, 2004
  • Royce Collins, 2001
  • Jessica Garcia Stevens, 1999
  • Teresa McGee, 1998
  • Hank Puryear, 1997
  • Melissa Brown, 1996
  • Amy Hayslip Brooke, 1991
  • Leighanne Etheridge, 1990
  • Matt Garvin, 1988
  • Scott Giffin, 1987
  • Racquel Watson, 1986
  • Jill Brown, 1986
  • Tony Long, Jr., 1982
  • Andrea Arangno Joblinske, 1979
  • Mary Rooks McMahon, 1977
  • Spyros Dermatas, 1972
  • Tetia Davis, 1970
  • Tony Pierce, 1969
  • Mary Edwards, 1968
  • Sally Moran Hoge, 1967
  • Chester Pierce, 1966
  • Genny McKinney, 1963
  • Betty Troup, 1961

Homecoming/Cavalier Celebration

Every October, classes celebrate reunions in conjunction with the Academy’s Homecoming Weekend.  Reunions are celebrated every five years, and alums are needed to chair reunions.