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Emma Carter

It has been an exciting and productive year for our freshmen in art classes. Many produced amazing works and are becoming very competent in watercolor, Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils and scratchboard.

Emma Carter comes from a creative family. Her mother, Kelly, was an excellent artist while at MDS, and Emma has followed this tradition. Emma is a colorist and is most comfortable working in painting or collage. She created an intricate collage with a prismatic theme. She consistently applies her creativity in wonderful ways and always has one of the most colorful, deft works in our shows.

Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson works in a more gradient fashion and prefers working in watercolor. Her recent “Jazz Age” compositions are most thrilling, and we are excited to show all her lovely work.

We look forward to these underclassmen moving even closer to a professional mode, which is certain in the coming years.