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It has been a long tradition at Mount de Sales to encourage and celebrate students’ creativity. Most recently, works of literature and art are compiled annually in Page Break, a student-driven publication, which is moderated by Mrs. Eileen Carlson, Upper School English teacher. The MDS curriculum has an emphasis on academic writing, so Page Break provides an opportunity for students to practice writing creatively and to develop a passion and talent for writing beyond their class assignments. Page Break also gives students experience with many of the aspects of publishing as the art and literary editors select work, proofread and edit, layout the publication, and meet deadlines. “It is very satisfying to see our students growing into independent leaders as they take charge of this publication,” said Mrs. Carlson.

Over the years, the names of the publications have changed but the budding talent is evident as is the pride as copies have been carefully saved over many decades. In the 1980s, the publication was called the Cavalier Cavalcade and was mostly comprised of poetry. One piece of note, “Clouds,” was written in 1983 by Danny O’Neal, who was only in the eighth grade at the time.

Perhaps they’re gods, tall, strong, white/Drifting, floating, by day and night/In blinding splendour, on the azure sky/These nonchalant gods float indifferently by.

Some trail white tendrils, wisps of fleece/Nothing can keep them still, they know – eternal release/I lie on my back and watch them float past/Or watch them torn up by the wind’s wicked blast.

These gods don’t rule, they’re content just to float/They drift on by like a silver-sailed boat/These wanderers float, the sky is their realm/With the stars at the stern, and the sun at the helm.

In the 1990s, the publication was called Tapestry. One poem, “Open Your Eyes” by Madhu Adiga, published in the 1997-98 edition, has a message that resonates today.

I open my eyes/to the world today/I see so much pain/and can only pray.

I try my hardest/but cannot shut out/the hate and injustice/that spreads out.

Friends with all smiles/are trying to hide/the fact that they really/are dying inside.

Of hunger and poverty/I’m all too aware/I wish so much/that more people cared.

Please open your eyes/and do not ignore/the pains of the sick/unloved, and the poor.

Often writers do not receive the public recognition that athletes or performing artists do. So, take a moment to enjoy this year’s Page Break and join us in recognizing our creative Cavaliers. Click here for the 2020-21 edition of Page Break.

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