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“Corrin” by Camdyn Doucette, 11th

Each year budding young authors and poets submit creative writing samples that student editors compile into the Page Break publication. The wonderful creativity of our students, which is nurtured by our English and arts faculty, is evident in their short stories, poems, and artwork. These are two samples of work, but all their contributions can be enjoyed here.


by Virginia Grace Todd, 11th grade

Time seems to slip through my fingers as though it’s sand. There is nothing stopping it. The minute and second hands tick by past the numbers, working endlessly to give our lives structure.

This time has downfalls.

There never seems to be enough lifetime to grasp all of what has been created for us to enjoy. Time creates so many negative emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness. Time goes hand in hand with age to bring everyone’s autobiography to a close. Whether this be by illness or of weakness, this time brings grieving for the loved ones we have lost. This time we have been given limits our ability to make more memories with those people who slowly leave us as the clock ticks second by second. They become lost in the void of years, months, days, seconds- until there is nothing. No time.

There is, however, happiness in time.

Time brings us new life within infants and nature. Time brings us the seasons and the celebrations that we created for them to spend with our loved ones. Although the turning hands of time bring some lives to a close, they also open new books with fresh pages to be filled with words and chapters. The  numbers on the clock or calendar have never truly mattered. Time should be measured in how much life a person has lived. Once we all leave this rock floating in the universe- time will go on, with or without everyone to notice it.


Harris Noland, 8th grade

He dresses in all black

He watches from afar as I continue to try to find my way through the deep, dark woods

An animal, he somehow silently crawls behind me as I trudge tirelessly through the forest

I hear the snap of a twig I tum around

No one there Hello, old friend

I turn back around and I see him

His claws shining almost as bright as his wicked smile in the light of the full moon as he wipes the saliva from his lips

I try to run but he’s too quick

Sweaty hands grab my face before I can even begin to take a step in the other direction

I feel a slight tingling sensation as he sinks his teeth deep into my neck I try to break free, but it’s no use

For I am no match for myself

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