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Tracey Owens

Tracey Owens is a sophomore. From an art standpoint, his work is far beyond his years. He functions like a second-year design major in college!

Tracey’s drawings never fail to amaze. He has incredible drive and focus, and he spends every art class period on his beautiful drawings of “muscle cars” or modern fast cars, as the Grand Tour/Top Gear guys like to call them. He loves Porsche 911 car drawings as much as he loves his Copic  and Spectrum Noir Design Markers that craft them. There is no other student who is as focused on his art and craft, and he works every day to make his designs perfect.
Tracey’s role model is Davis Kunselman, who is our senior artist of the year for 2017.
Congratulations to the amazing Tracey Owens! His talent, willpower, hard work and beautiful design are a credit to our campus. Tracey, we love your art and cannot wait to see the next masterpiece.