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Mount de Sales has a legacy of distinction with a longstanding tradition of offering a rigorous, college-prep curriculum in which students rise to meet challenges, thrive in a supportive environment, and explore their passions.

When students can direct their academic path, they will find success and fulfillment in high school and be better prepared for college majors and future careers. Mount de Sales students have options: 20 AP courses, 10 honors-level courses, 8 dual enrollment courses, and a complement of high-interest electives across all disciplines. In the past, students have even taken college classes remotely when they wanted higher-level math classes, for example.

MDS graduates often attest to their preparation. “We find they are incredibly well prepared. They come back and tell us, anecdotally, about individual courses that they were the ones tutoring their fellow students,” said Emily Brown, Upper School principal.

The administration has the flexibility to design a curriculum that responds to both general and individual academic needs. Seeking feedback from alumni helps inform changes to course offerings. Brown continued, “But then we also survey them and say, ‘What can we do better? What can we add to our program?’”

For example, it is because of the advice of alumni that Mount de Sales added honors organic chemistry to the science lineup in 2015. MDS continues to be the only school in Middle Georgia to offer the course. Students who pursue pre-med have a unique advantage over their college peers from the outset.

The dedication to academic excellence from the administration and faculty has been a hallmark of MDS that has spanned three centuries.

The future is bright for Mount de Sales graduates as they build a solid foundation for success in the future.

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