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Awards are given to the male and female student in each grade who are true representatives of Mount de Sales. These students model citizenship and school spirit and are enthusiastic hosts for visitors and guests.

6th: James Noland, Sayge Stuart; 7th: Kaylin Young, Acey Hatcher; 8th: Nathan Frankum, Madisyn Stewart

Our highest academic award, this recognition goes to the overall top scholar in each grade.

6th: Sam Clarke; 7th: Betsy Cowart; 8th-Fiona Leary

Awards are given to students who are role models that exhibit diligent and consistent effort in academics, maintain positive attitudes at all times, exemplify the meaning of polite behavior and are well-liked by all.

6th: Cai Bason, Abi Callins, Damiya Loyd, Aiden Roberson
7th: Betsy Cowart, Peter Hintermaeir, Ethan Sevigny, Ava St. Peter, CJ Story, Leanne Summerlin
8th: Drew Bentley, Graham Blackwell, Hughes Gregory, Abner Livingston, Lindy Sanchez, Isabelle Yousif

Awards are given to students with the highest scholastic average in specific subjects.

6th: Layla Ali – Social Studies, Cai Bason – Religion, Abi Callins – Keyboarding, Ashtin Ficklin – Math, Emma Fuller – ELA, Aiden Roberson – Band, Hugo Vo – Art and Science, Thai Wright – PE
7th: Betsy Cowart – Religion, Bennett Griffin – Band, Landon Frawley – Art and Pre-Algebra, Lillie Moore – PE, Anna Burns Myers – STEM, Adrian Sanchez – Algebra, Ava St. Peter – Social Studies and STEM, CJ Story – ELA, Marie Tan – Drama and Science, Lisa Vo – Art, Marquez Wilson – PE
8th: Graham Blackwell – PE, Lawrence Brown – Latin I, Julia Byron – French I, Hannah Denny – Social Studies, Naomi Do – Art, Raegan Ellis – Geometry, Mei Granados – Religion Confirmation, Mary Ella Green – Chorus, Vivian Hayslip – Leadership, Fiona Leary – ELA, Abner Livingston – Religion, Adedayo Oderinde – Algebra, Seungho Eden Sim – Art, Carter Sparks – PE, Isabella St. Peter – Leadership and Science, Emalee Yeoman – Band, Isabelle Yousif – Algebra I Honors

These awards are given to students to recognize various accomplishments in the classroom: dramatic improvement in an area, participation and contribution to a class, exemplary attitude and effort.

6th: Peyton Burden, Caleb Solomon
7th: Landon Frawley, Bennett Griffin, Ciara Hill, Maddie Kayden, Anna Burns Myers
8th: Sam Alderman, Nate Frankum, William Griffin, Frances Hanson, Noah Harris, David Kay, Bailey Keever, Holden Lane, Asher Neubauer, Levi Siebenmorgan, Madi Stewart, Cooper Zimmerman

The Duke Talent Identification program identifies and recognizes exceptionally talented students in grades 4-12, who have achieved high scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Josh Beall, Betsy Cowart, Landon Frawley, Bennett Griffin, Liam Giffin, Peter Hintermaier, Ava St. Peter, Adrian Sanchez, Leanne Summerlin, Ian Wiles

The Georgia Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honor students’  who exemplify good citizenship. They also recognize an 8th grade student who has an interest and brilliance in American History.

DAR American History – Daniel Wright, 8th
DAR Citizenship – Braeden Stephens, 6th; Chloe Dudley, 7th; Stephen Leach, 8th

This scholarship is given through Susan Crawford, a 1963 graduate. The program rewards student literary talent as exhibited in exceptional knowledge of grammar and mastery of the craft of writing.

Lawrence Brown, 8th; Julia Byron, 8th


1st Place – Charlie Clark
2nd Place – Stephen Leach