Grace Education Tax Credit

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Taxpayers can reduce their Georgia state tax liability with a 100% education credit and donate that money for Mount de Sales to use for financial aid. Qualifying students entering the Academy from a public school are eligible to receive this tuition assistance. For more information, watch our short video.

Taxpayers must sign up for the tax credit through GRACE Scholars Student Scholarship Organization. Click the “Register” button below to sign up online – it’s easy!

Tax Credit Limits

*NEW: Reduced Federal Taxes, Larger Georgia Tax Credit for Owners of Pass-Throughs!

There is a new benefit for pass-through businesses allowing a SALT (state and local income tax) limit workaround, coupled with a more generous state tax credit opportunity, per Georgia HB149. Pass-through businesses may elect to pay state income tax at the entity level rather than through owners’ personal income tax returns. This minimizes the negative impact of the $10,000 SALT cap restriction and means they are eligible for a tax credit as a C Corporation in an amount up to 75% of Georgia income tax liability.

Please consult your CPA or tax preparer regarding your individual situation.

2022 Tax Credit Registration

If you do not receive an email confirmation after registering, please contact Melissa Bassett at GRACE Scholars at 770-920-7903.

2021 Tax Credits Are Still Available!

It’s not too late to claim a credit for the current tax year.

2021 Tax Credit Registration