The Theology courses at Mount de Sales are designed to equip students with knowledge and experience in preparation for a mature life of faith. Crafted under the guidance of the USCCB’s Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework, the courses explore core Christian beliefs and teachings found in the Old & New Testaments.

Middle School

Sixth grade students explore their faith identity, their value systems, and their beliefs about God to develop the skills they need for Christian living. The seventh grade course uses the Sacraments, Church, and God to present fundamental teachings in ways designed to engage and challenge students as they learn about themselves and their faith. Eighth grade students further grow in their faith through lessons on Jesus, morality, and church history. Catholic students are prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Upper School

Freshman Theology Courses

Freshmen in Theology I trace God’s revelatory activity in history as recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, and then explore the fullness of Salvation History as they study the Incarnation in detail.

Sophomore Theology Courses

Sophomores learn in Theology II about the history and foundations of the Catholic Church, attending carefully to activity of the Holy Spirit within that history. Sophomores also study the challenge of Christian Morality, taking on the deep moral decisions that face faithful individuals and societies.

Junior Theology Courses

In the Social Justice class, Juniors attend carefully to Christ’s mandate to care for the vulnerable and marginalized in our societies. Juniors also tackle the philosophical roots of our faith in God, seeking within the Faith and Reason course to restore reason to its proper place in the life of faith.

Senior Theology Courses

Seniors are able to select from a range of electives, courses that explore various facets of religious faith in greater detail. These include Philosophy, Holocaust Studies, World Religions, and Faith in the Modern World.