Visual Arts


Exploration, investigation, and the challenging of one’s self are the three pillars of the Mount de Sales visual arts program. Art is an avenue for processing what is happening in one’s life.  As our world has become more unpredictable, art is an ideal outlet for coping with and expressing one’s emotions during such uncertainty.  The MDS art program is designed to challenge and encourage all students. 

For students who aspire to be an artist, it is recommended that they begin with Art 1, move to Advanced Art and then finish with AP Art. While these classes explore a variety of media, there are also classes that will allow students to focus on moving towards mastery in photography or ceramics.

Art courses include:

  • Art I is an introduction to the visual arts, exploring the elements of Art with an emphasis on drawing skills.
  • Advanced Art is a continuation of Art I with a focus on the principles of Art where students explore different mediums.
  • Introduction to Photography explores photography past, present, and future while students work with a camera and understand how to “Write the Light.”
  • Ceramics is the exploration of clay, a medium where form meets function.
  • AP Studio Art is a yearlong course where students develop a portfolio to be submitted and evaluated with the possibility of earning college credit.