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We mourn the following members of the Cavalier family who recently passed away. Last updated: March 2023.

In Memoriam (September 2022 – March 2023):

1954    Mary Charles Boniface

1956    Phyllis Astumian (Sister Therese Marie)

1959    Linda Renee Ayash Hunter

1960    Martha Glaceran Jackson (died in 2019)

1962    Patricia Dillard Muncy

Dorothy “Dottie” Powell

1965    Paul Greene

Robert Atkinson

Alice O’Brian “Betsy” Reade

1974    Mark Rogers


Greg McKelvey (’73), Kevin McKelvey (’76), Ellen Gaddo (’78), Erin Guillebeau (’80), Anna “Kerry” Gagnon (’83), Ryan “Boo” McKelvey (’85) on the death of their parents, Rose Mary McKelvey on August 21, 2002 and Thomas McKelvey on September 22, 2022

Jackie Hodges (’79), Cindy Homan (’81), Lori Johnson (’82), and Julie Pharr (’86) on the death of their father, Wardlow Augustus “Gus” Johnson, on August 28, 2022

Elizabeth Mason Kovel (2001) on death of her father, Michael Mason, on August 22, 2022

Andrew Noller (’98) on the death of his father, Dr. Stephen Noller, on September 6, 2022

Beth McKinnon (’60) on the death of her sister, Mary Charles Boniface, on September 28, 2022

Kathleen O’Brian Waggoner (‘63), Joan O’Brian Cox, Tom O’Brian (’66), Marian O’Brian (’69), Paul O’Brian and Daniel O’Brian on the death of their sister, Alice “Betsy” O’Brian Reade on October 2, 2022

Nancy Blackwelder Falcione (’61) on the death of her husband, Vincent, on August 19, 2022

Sister Grace Marie Dillard (’51) on the death of her sister Patricia Dillard Muncy (’62)

Taylor Ware (’05), Brayden Ware (’07), and Caroline Ware (’14), on the death of their father, Alva Durward Ware, III, on September 9, 2022

Ann Curry White (’49) on the death of her husband John White on October 30, 2022

Patricia Astumian Clark (’58) on the death of her sister Phyllis Astumian on August 22, 2022

Elaine Powell Baer (’65) and Jeanie Marczak (‘63) on the death of their sister Dorothy “Dottie” Powell (’62) on December 11, 2022

Margaret O’Shaughnessey (’74), Mary Stone (‘76), John O’Shaughnessey, III (’78), Kathleen Swann (’81), and Michael O’Shaughnessey (’82) on the death of their father, Dr. William John O’Shaughnessey Jr. on December 31, 2022

Tim Ingram (’81) on the death of his sister Susie Ingram on January 28, 2023