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It’s more than a hashtag. It’s more than a campaign or a t-shirt logo.

You may have heard some rumblings of “Forever de Sales.”

So what exactly is it?

Is it a new program or curriculum?

No, it is something really very simple.

In Forever de Sales, we have found three little words that describe all that it means to be a Cavalier.

We have been here forever.

For 140 years, students, teachers, administrators and parents have walked this campus. Atop College Hill in downtown Macon we have borne witness to history. We were established during Reconstruction and endured the Great Depression as well as two world wars.

Mount de Sales Academy boarding school.
Mount de Sales Academy boarding school: the former home of Governor Towns (left structure) was purchased by the united efforts of the Sisters, Catholics in the city, and other friends. A wing was added to the right of the home.

The changes, both social and technological, that swirled through the second half of the 20th century were met by Cavaliers who were guided by the principles of the Mercy charism. It is remarkable to know that Cavaliers spanning three centuries have carried the friendships made and lessons learned here far beyond our campus.

We have a bright future ahead of us.

Our students have consistently been lauded for their achievements at MDS. Whether it is National Merit, Cum Laude, or STAR Student, our current Cavaliers are recognized well beyond this campus for their academic accomplishments. The news from recent graduates engenders great pride as well. As students follow their dreams, whether it is abroad or in the classroom or the boardroom, they regularly return with the assurance that being a Cavalier has prepared them for their future.

Forever de Sales means learning to care about a future beyond ourselves. While here, our students learn about service to others through opportunities such as our Mercy in Action program and Environmental Club. With the lessons learned here, they go on to literally change the world.

Students painting a home through the school's Mercy In Action program and in partnership with Rebuilding Macon.
Students painting a home through the school’s Mercy In Action program and in partnership with Rebuilding Macon.

Forever de Sales is the sense that we have a legacy to pass on. Together, the entire Mount de Sales community is devoted to nurturing this great place while growing and developing wherever we can. With such a unified commitment, the future is bright for Mount de Sales.

Here’s to 140 more years!

Students, faculty, and staff form
Students, faculty, and staff form “140” in front of Sheridan Hall. Photo credit: John O’Shaughnessey

But most importantly to every member of the Mount de Sales community, it means we’re family. And family is forever.

Forever de Sales is passing down family stories to the next generation. It is telling our story from its inception at Catherine McAuley’s House of Mercy on Baggott Street in Dublin, Ireland. It is reminiscing about teachers who made a life-changing impact. It is narrating the state championship winning game over the years, perhaps with embellishments accrued through time and excitement.

Forever de Sales is traveling together to sporting events or foreign countries and learning the lessons each journey brings. It is celebrating in our triumphs and comforting in our tragedies.

Forever de Sales is sharing meals together around the cafeteria table, the picnic table or the altar table. It is welcoming others to these tables without regard to any perceived differences.

It’s joining with Cavaliers near and far to cheer on our Miss America winner.

It’s getting goosebumps when you hear the Alma Mater.

It’s Blue & Gold.

Homecoming Week: Crazy Blue Gold day!
Homecoming Week: Crazy Blue Gold day!

So, the next time you hear or see these three simple words, know that ultimately, Forever de Sales is YOU and your enduring connection to this amazing place—it’s past, present, and future.

Forever de Sales!

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By Emily Thomason Brown (’94), MDS College Counselor