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By: Belle Burns, student ambassador // MDS Musings Blog

Entering the first year of middle school is an important moment in a young person’s life. Middle school consists of a series of years where many students begin to build upon their work ethic and prepare for the challenges of high school. I had the opportunity to interview two students at Mount de Sales Academy who recently completed the 6th grade: Zach Germann and Cai Bason. I asked them the following five questions about middle school and how they have and will continue to approach new challenges.

Q: What excited you most about entering your first year of middle school?

Zach: I was most excited for everyone to be able to have more freedom with their class choices.

Cai: I was most excited for the opportunity of getting to know all of the new students!

Q: What are your goals and expectations for middle school?

Zach: I would like to be able to maintain my academic scholarship eligibility by keeping up good grades.


Q: Are there any specific classes you are looking forward to?

Zach: I would like to continue my participation in the band. The band director, Mr. Goody, is one of my favorite teachers!

Cai: I am looking forward to furthering my interest in art by taking more art classes.


Q: What do you think has been the most challenging so far in middle school?

Cai: The social aspect has been the most challenging thing for me. Also simply navigating my way through campus and all things middle school!

Q: What have you done, or plan to do, to prepare for 7th grade?

Zach: My dad teaches social justice in the upper school here at MDS, so I figure that I could ask him for advice about stepping into a more advanced world of academics.

Cai: I know to start school with an open mind and expect the unexpected.


From what I heard from these two students, they started middle school with an open mind, ready to dive in, find activities they enjoy, meet new people, and ask questions as needed. They are good examples of what a student should want to exemplify when approaching middle school. Middle school can be rough at times, with all of the changes, expectations, and growing pains of teenage life, but with adequate preparation, a solid foundation, and supportive environment, any student can succeed and enjoy these years.