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In an ever-changing and demanding world, smart educational choices for our children are imperative. The goal: finding a school community that will challenge a child’s mind, strengthen their independence, and nourish their soul. Mount de Sales has become that place for Emily Elsworth and her children. “They are developing relationships with their peers and adults that are life-giving and that are encouraging,” she said. MDS helps foster positive relationships, inside and outside of the classroom. Students are supported and celebrated, not only when they succeed, but also when they fail, and are given the encouragement and skills to get up and try again.

Upper School Spanish teacher Stephen Beaty believes student-teacher relationships are the keys to success. “Some of the most memorable teachers are the ones that treat you with respect, encourage your input in discussion, and also really listen to what you have to say,” he said. “Here at Mount de Sales, what stood out to me when I came here was that I can steer activities in my classes to how I see fit to best benefit those students who are in the class at that moment. I really feel an unbinding ability to use a variety of methods to teach a lesson, does truly make our school unique and our students better served because of it.”

Elsworth is thankful to have a place where she knows her kids will be poured into each day, and where they will hear encouraging words about themselves and their peers, leading to confidence, independence, a servant’s heart, and a love for Jesus.

The future is bright for the Cavaliers who have a consistent and strong support network in their everyday lives.

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