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By: Danielle Adams, Upper School Math Instructor

Many Mount de Sales students and parents have been introduced to the online math program called ALEKS (pronounced as Alex). ALEKS is an online, student-paced math program that encourages independent learning, and it is the method in which Upper School students at MDS are taught Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra.

How can you as a parent take advantage of ALEKS to help your child? Whether your child struggles or excels in math, ALEKS can be extremely helpful. ALEKS reinforces the math course your child recently finished or give your child a head start on future math courses.  Using ALEKS as a practice tool is slightly different than how students use ALEKS in a course at MDS. Instead of taking tests on particular topics for grades, students learn topics and take prompted Knowledge Checks, which ALEKS uses to see if the student understands the topic or needs more practice. With the home use of ALEKS, students learn and deepen their mathematical foundation without the pressure of the classroom.

What do you need to get started with ALEKS? ALEKS works using time-based subscriptions for each student. The basic price is $19.95 for one month and can increase depending on the length of subscription you order. A one-month subscription is a perfect option for summer use as you can use it the month before school to review math skills and prepare your child for the upcoming academic year.  With a few weeks of practice, your child will be more prepared for the start of school.

Interested in subscribing to ALEKS? Go to and choose a course product that best fits your child’s situation. How did your child finish their most recent math course?  Based on their grade and skill level, determine whether you think your student needs to review the previous course or whether they should prepare for the course they will take in the fall. If you have any further questions about ALEKS, please feel free to contact me at

How do we integrate ALEKS into our classrooms at MDS?  Click here for a previous post written by a fellow teacher that answers FAQs about ALEKS.