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The transition to middle or high school can be a big adjustment for students and their parents. Below are some thoughts and tips, as you think about this new experience.


  • Use back to school orientation as a chance to learn about schedules and rules.
  • Take time to read over the parent handbook and understand student policies and procedures.
  • Think about joining an activity or team to meet people and connect over common interests.
  • Find an alarm clock you like so you can wake up in time to be ready for school.
  • Use a planner and student/parent online portal systems to make a weekly plan for school work.


  • Model and encourage good social skills as they prepare to meet new friends.
  • Allow students to tell you what they might be concerned about, help them come up with possible plan to alleviate some concerns, understanding it is normal to be a little nervous!
  • Encourage increasing independence with grades and homework (but keep an eye out if they need support.) Try to find a middle ground of awareness but not over managing for the student.
  • Listen. Some days they will talk; it is hard, but try to just listen. Usually they are needing to process, but are not necessarily seeking advice.


Here is a link for more student tips when transitioning to middle school:

Cheers to a wonderful new school year!

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