Ready for this Moment

COVID-19 presented challenges and raised questions for schools and families across the world. How, in this time of crisis, would students continue their education and how would teachers effectively deliver content?

After 144 years of being a leader in education, Mount de Sales Academy is no stranger to adapting to change, meeting the demands of the time in order to keep pace with academic needs. The Academy’s mission has remained uncompromised. Students and faculty engage in a challenging, college-prep environment that thrives in the classroom or online. The Academy is flexible and prepared to respond to an ever-evolving situation.

Mount de Sales Academy’s decidedly different approach has created an unmatched educational experience, and this continues even in these uncertain times.

Campus Technology

Mount de Sales has a longstanding tradition of bringing emerging technologies into the classroom. Systems already in place prior to the pandemic allowed for a seamless transition to a fully implemented online, distance learning model. During the pandemic, enhancements to these systems plus new technologies for the 2020-2021 school year have only boosted an already well-connected campus.


Instruction Delivery

Over the summer, teachers took the opportunity to train for the use of new technology, research ways to optimize online learning methodologies, and collaborate with each other to perfect instruction delivery.