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ELA- 6th
World Geography
Math Applications
Earth Science
Religion- 6th
Band- 6th
Chorus- 6th
Art History
Theater- 6th
PE 6th- Male
PE 6th- Female
ELA- 7th
World Cultures
Algebra I- 7th
Life Science
Religion- 7th
Technology- 7th
Visual Arts- 7th
Theater- 7th
PE 7th- Male
PE 7th- Female
STEM- 7th
ELA- 8th
American History
8th Grade Algebra
Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Physical Science
Religion- 8th
Latin I
Spanish I
French I
Band- 8th
Visual Arts- 8th
Theater- 8th
PE 8th- Male
PE 8th- Female
Cavalier of the Year- Top Scholar
For Class of 2023 and Upper School Academic Honors, click here.