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(l-r) Molly Wray and Olivia Berke

Molly Wray (9th) is adept at watercolor and drawing, and creates beautiful work in Copic markers as well. She has had the good fortune of collaborating with French foreign exchange student, Dana, who adds a great dimension to art class.

Molly has contributed art to the Page Break Literary magazine and will be featured in our April Celebration of the Arts collaborative show with featured guests from Stratford Academy. Her angel art was chosen by the Office of Institutional Advancement for production as donor Christmas cards in December 2016.

Olivia Berke (11th) is an excellent scratch board artist with a Youtube video to prove it. She has been a fantastic member of art club and Empty Bowls Project for many years, and now is at the helm of Page Break.

As theater stage manager, very important artist (Governor’s Honors candidate in art), and Page Break editor, Olivia’s resume is impressive.