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Boys Varsity Soccer: Coach Robert Ochieng

Coach Ochieng thanks all seniors for their contributions to the Mount de Sales soccer program and wishes every player the best in the next chapter of their lives.

Ethan Aler
4-year varsity team member, Midfielder, 28 goals and 21 assists, GHSA All-Area Team in 2019

Coach Ochieng: “Mount de sales soccer camp in 2010 was when I had my first introduction to Ethan. The thing I admired about him then that hasn’t changed to this day is his mentality. He has always had a hunger to be better. This season, I relied on Ethan a lot on and off the field because of the transitioning of coaches. I could tell everything he did for me and the team this season was because he wanted to leave a positive legacy behind for the MDS soccer program. I really appreciated the willingness to help change the mindset of the entire team. I appreciated him  getting everyone to buy into the new culture of hard work over talent. I think Ethan has everything it takes to be successful at the collegiate level.  I truly enjoyed working with him; he pushed me not only to be a better coach, but also to still try and be a better player as well.”

Conner Gilbert
1-year varsity team member, Goalkeeper, 3 shutouts

Coach Ochieng: “Getting Conner, a varsity soccer newcomer, to commit to joining the team was a lot harder than actually teaching him how to play goalie. I appreciated him stepping up his senior year and helping us out. Conner is a natural athlete, has great work ethic, and has a desire to want to get better. I really enjoyed getting to work with Conner this past season, and I wish he would have gotten into soccer a lot earlier, because of how much he was able to learn in such a short amount of time. The thing I really appreciated about Conner was how much of a great example he set for Jackson Fritz (10th, goalkeeper).”

Patrick Green
4-year varsity team member, Defender, 3 goals and 7 assists

Coach Ochieng: “With my first few interactions with Patrick, I knew right away he was going to play a very important role for our team. The work ethic he showed during the season, along with the encouraging, positive words he would say to all of his teammates, is why I chose him to be captain. Patrick is a great example of hard work paying off, which is the mentality this senior class all helped show this season. He is a versatile player, vocal leader, hard worker and always has positive mindset. I appreciate you setting the new standard of leadership for the MDS soccer program.”

Trey Hunter- 

4-year varsity team member, Defender, 2 goals and 1 assist

Coach Ochieng: “I remember watching Trey play when I attended Mount de Sales. To see the amount of growth he’s made since that time is an example of how hard he works and the strength of the MDS soccer program. I can always count on him for comic relief, but more importantly, I can always count on Trey to work hard and never back down from a challenge. Our back line will definitely miss him next year, but I am glad he was able to end his goal-scoring drought this season.”

Lan Vu
2-year varsity team member, Midfielder

Coach Ochieng: “Lan worked hard at practice, and never gave up during any of the drills. He didn’t say much during practice, but he was always working hard. He led by example, which is a characteristic I think this senior class models well.”

Ian Young
4-year varsity team member, Defender

Coach Ochieng: “From the first day I got to work with Ian, I knew his energy would be something that would help form our team identity. Ian proved to me early he was going to be my vocal leader. The energy he brought during 1v1 situations, whether at practice or games, was very contagious. He was always positive with the younger players and extremely encouraging. His presence in the back line was outstanding, and we will greatly miss him next year.”