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The Mount de Sales community will welcome Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor to campus Wednesday, January 16.

Eva Mozes and her twin sister, Miriam, were born in Romania. In 1944, at the age of 10, they were deported to Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp in Poland. It was there that they were subjected to inhumane medical experiments by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who used twins as his subjects. Unlike thousands of other “Mengele Twin” victims, Eva and Miriam were among the very few to survive. Miriam suffered from cancer as a result of the experiments and died in 1993.

Eva will share with us her experience and the effects in the years that followed. More importantly, she will share her courageous journey to find forgiveness and its incredible healing power.

We look forward to hearing Eva’s message of remembrance, understanding, and forgiveness.