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To open up the world of music to students who are not necessarily “performers,” Band Director Trevor Goody envisioned a class that allowed students a chance to learn, dissect, and produce their own music. The Songwriting & Music Production course was born. This semester, 14 students are taking this new, hands-on music tech class. With the help of Mr. Goody and the app BandLab, a digital audio workstation (or DAW), students will walk through six different genres of music: rap, jazz, rock, country and bluegrass, pop, and R&B. Mr. Goody covers rhythm, lyrics, beats, and flow, while students use the app to upload sounds, record their own tunes, cut and mix the music. Course highlights may include virtual visits from famous Grammy winners, composers (think: Star Wars!), and TikTok stars. The semester will culminate with students creating and submitting their own complete album. Due to the class’s popularity, Mr. Goody plans to offer an intermediate and advanced songwriting class for the 2021-2022 academic year.