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Vy Diep

How do you juggle a rigorous academic schedule, cheerleading, and a painting career? Ask Vy Diep!

Although a relative newcomer to art, Vy has taken the campus art world by storm. Her electric watercolors and canvas paintings are some of our favorites. Every time she concludes a new work, she hopes it is bigger and better. So far this year, she has created more large scale art than any other artist in the MDS art department.

Vy has a special way of presenting sea creatures, and we not only long for time at the ocean but also understand the fragile nature of life through her insightful work.

In the near future, more paintings with a more expressionist theme are on her horizon. Vy is beginning an incredible art career this year, and the excitement will be evident at the various on-campus and citywide shows that will include her amazing work.

Congratulations to Vy on a wonderful start in art!