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Dear Friends,

The Mount de Sales Academy community mourns the loss this morning of our faithful friend and servant, Monsignor John Cuddy.

Through his ministerial work, he touched and shaped the lives of parents, alumni, and friends of all faiths. Countless were blessed by his leadership, his example, and his pure heart.

For many years, Monsignor Cuddy was a consistent presence on campus. He thrived on his interaction with students, always greeting them with his gentle smile and nurturing spirit. He enjoyed cheering on the Cavaliers and sitting on the sidelines under the glow of Friday-night lights. As a spiritual leader, he shared his life stories, humor, and wisdom during many homilies and conversations with students. He was a faithful servant of God, and his legacy will endure forever.

In the words of Catherine McAuley, “We should be as shining lamps, giving light to all around us.” Monsignor John Cuddy was a beacon of light within the Mount de Sales community and far beyond. His light continues to shine!

We will update the Mount de Sales community on funeral arrangements once the plans are complete.

In remembrance,

David Held, Mount de Sales President