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Middle School
The middle school starts the day with grade level trips to the Museum of Arts and Sciences planetarium for a show. In the afternoon they will do eclipse activities with solar glasses and pinhole viewing cards under the supervision of teachers.

Upper School
The upper school will have an activity period from 2:00-2:25 p.m. so any students who are interested may go outside and view the eclipse through a telescope equipped with a sun filter. They also will use pinhole viewing cards made in science classes. These activities will be done under teacher supervision. Students who prefer to remain indoors will have the opportunity to view the eclipse via live stream.

End of School
At the end of the school day (3:15pm) all students will have the option of going to an optional study hall until 4:00pm if their parents do not want them to be outdoors during that time. Students who use this option should report to the following locations based on the building they are in at the end of the last period.