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By: Amanda Smith, Upper School Academic Support and Guidance Counselor//MDS Musings Blog 

Parenting teenagers during busy school times requires balance and patience. Many students feel pressure and stress about studying for exams and end of semester assignments. On the other hand, some students may appear to not take exams seriously at all. Modeling calm planning can help students use time wisely. Some strategies to be supportive but also foster independence include:

-Allow time in family schedule for study time leading up to exam week.

-Ask your student about any concerns or needs they have as they prepare.

-Work together with your student to set some expectations and schedule for the upcoming weeks.

-Let students tell you about the resources available (study guides, old tests, quizlets).

Asking questions ahead of time rather than the night before exam, allows parents and students to look ahead at calendars and be sure enough time is available to study in the upcoming week. If possible find ways to encourage students to do their best. Students are motivated differently so think about ways to encourage without nagging.

During exam week itself, be mindful of the importance of rest and nutrition to stay healthy and focused. A balanced breakfast and plenty of water are important on exam days. Encourage your student to keep a reasonable sleep schedule the week of exams. Help students arrive at school in plenty of time to get to their rooms for exams with a few minutes to get settled.

If you need more tips to help your student succeed during this stressful season, please contact Amanda Smith.

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