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Mount de Sales offers a wide variety of high-quality courses across all areas of study, with 29 total courses in middle school and 96 in high school. Administration and faculty make the selection process a smooth one by hosting an academic advising fair. During the fair, students gain a deeper understanding about each course’s content, how selections affect future classes, and learn more about what courses appeal to their individual interests.

While students have to take specific courses to meet graduation requirements, they also can carve an academic path that suits them. Emily Brown, Upper School division head, said, “We want students to be well-informed when they begin to choose their courses.” Brown said their goal is for students “to choose courses that provide rigor but also balance, with an eye to what they are planning on doing in the future.”

One example of customization is within the Upper School science department. The course track for students interested in engineering may look different than for those interested in medicine. All students must have four credit hours of science and move through those courses by grade level, including physics, chemistry, and biology, all of which have an honors level option. They can also pursue AP courses, including AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology. Additionally, science electives that provide a more in-depth study include geology, astronomy, organic chemistry, essentials of anatomy, sociobiology, and forensic science.

After the day-long fair, students are instructed on the procedure of registering. Students and families can also meet individually with faculty or division heads to discuss selections that are most appropriate for their short-term and long-term academic goals.

The future is bright for students as they choose their paths to success.

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