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Mount de Sales Academy takes college prep to the next level: students have the opportunity to earn up to 18 college credits before graduating high school—without ever leaving campus.

All dual enrollment classes are taught by Mount de Sales faculty, who are adjunct professors at Wesleyan College. Not only are these teachers experts in their field, they also personally know our students and can make recommendations on whether or not college-level courses are advantageous based on each individual’s goals and workload.

Currently, seniors may take two College English courses, equivalent to English 101 and 102. It is no less rigorous than AP English, but it is guaranteed college credit. College Algebra and College Statistics also are offered as one-semester courses. College Algebra is a foundation math class that has helped raise students’ ACT and SAT math scores. For any student interested in fields requiring research—such as social, natural, or physical science—statistics is a class they will need at some point in their college career.

Mount de Sales will add two College French and two College Spanish classes for 2022-23, and students may take these starting their junior year. Completing these courses means students will be just three classes shy of achieving a minor degree in a language. “In this global economy, employers have a strong preference for someone who has a language in their arsenal of skills,” according to Kari Alderman, MDS college counselor.

Students and families see the value in completing college courses, with 72% of the Class of 2022 participating in dual enrollment this year. Alderman pointed out, “They truly have an awareness of those college grades moving with them.”

The investment is minimal when it comes to dual enrollment. “You’re already paying for Mount de Sales, so you are getting college credit for free,” said Alderman. She added that students have the flexibility to choose college classes better than some of their peers who must still complete core requirements.

The future is bright for our students as they accept the challenge of college-level coursework and achieve a strong start in the next phase of their life.

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