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Mount de Sales administration takes teacher professional development seriously. It is key in providing fresh perspectives, giving opportunities to hone skills, or finding ways to implement new practices into their work.

Prior to the start of this academic year, each teacher read a professional development book and recommended their selection for use as a group. The faculty voted Eileen Carlson’s pick, “These 6 Things” by educator Dave Stuart, Jr., as a planning resource for 2022-23.

Upper School Principal Emily Brown said of the book, “It kind of takes you back to your teaching roots.” She is excited for all faculty to take a deep dive into the book and focus on the things that matter most.

Stuart, an English and history teacher, emphasizes practical ways to achieve balance in a teacher’s work life and personal life. He also outlines how to foster relationships with students, making personal connections with each one in the classroom. Stuart’s approach focuses on students flourishing long-term rather than just their success in the short-term.

Carlson found his book motivational and inspiring. She said, “I already had a lot of these goals, but he clarified what I could do to achieve them better.” She continued, “There are some things we can take as a whole faculty and be a little more intentional about setting goals as a group, for the whole school or by departments.”

Stuart will lead on-campus workshops to launch the study of “These 6 Things.”

The future is bright for our faculty as they discover new ways to further their teaching goals and enrich the lives of students.

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