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Mount de Sales Academy has adopted a unique approach to social media education by teaming up with The Social Institute, an education center in Durham, North Carolina. The organization recently launched #WinAtSocial, “the world’s only gamified social media curriculum that empowers students to navigate social media and technology positively.” (

As stated on the Social Institute website, for three years they, “have been in the trenches with students, parents, and educators – brainstorming best practices and ways to make learning about social media more fun, engaging, and impactful. They have huddled with leaders at over 70 public and independent schools, and have learned how schools are approaching this important education in a new forward-thinking and innovative way. The future of social media education is not fear-based, focused on one-offs, or created by adults. The future of this important education is bright, empowering, sustainable, and most importantly, co-created with students.”

The curriculum engages students with an interactive approach. The program directors for #WinAtSocial say, “Rather than harping on the negatives of social media, the game challenges students to navigate social media and technology positively. Rather than being lectured by the teacher, the students hear from positive role models — older students both at their school and across the country. Rather than focusing on the “don’ts” of social media, students learn what to do in difficult, yet common social situations.”

Initial reaction to the curriculum has been positive. We are hopeful that students will learn how to handle the power of social media by using it for the beneficial aspects and avoiding the pitfalls.